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Prcd-Pra Clear Pattern A * Hips/elbows good * For many generations 

Reputable Breeder of Champion Show Quality CKC & UKC Registered Toy,Miniature and Standard American Eskimo dogs in BC, Alberta, and most of Canada, tested for prcd - pra progressive retinal atrophy,

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We are expecting! We have puppies coming! 

All prcd-pra clear, (pattern A)  my lines are clear of any hip or elbow problems, Champion lines, and very very well socialized. My puppies are raised on a farm where they are exposed to  pretty much everything you can imagine and handled daily. Come with an excellent guarantee, one year breeder protection against any genetic illness, microchipped, first vaccinations, vets health check and are dewormed a min of 2 x's before leaving. 
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 "Blue" (Retired)

15.5" Standard American Eskimo- Hips and elbows good, Prcd-pra Clear pattern A, PPL Normal clear , UKC, AKC & CKC Registered- Thank you to all the judges who have recognized Blue!  #4 Standard American Eskimo in Canada for 2014 , #4  in Canada for 2015!  

  Did you know that the German Spitz, or "Deutsche Spitz", now the American Eskimo dog, was originally a farm dog? See articles on my website for info on this amazing breed!! https://www.cbstoyamericaneskimos.com/americaneskimoarticle.htm

The American Eskimo is a loving & loyal companion, they are brave, eager to please and are a very healthy breed.

They love to quietly snuggle up with you on the couch, or get out and get dirty. They are most known for  their  intelligence & loyalty to their owners.

 Eskie's are eager learners, they love to be taught, they are adventurous, courageous and love to explore and show off their incredible athletic ability.

 Our eskies come from breeders in Canada that have spent years testing for hips, elbows & prcd-pra issues. After generations of breeding  for excellence, our goal is to continue to raise quality dogs that have exceptional temperaments, conformation and health.

Whether you are looking for a loving pet or a show dog, we have what you are looking for. Please be sure to take your time and check out all of our pics and information that we have available to you on our website. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you my beautiful dogs


"Blue " ~ above, retired 



 Home to "Koda" 12" Toy American Eskimo "Kiskapoo's Takoda Pride"  CKC Champion  #1 Toy American Eskimo in Canada for 2012, prcd- pra Clear, Pattern A


"CB'S Lil Victoria Pride" 

11.5" Toy Eskimo Toy American Eskimo, CKC CHAMPION #2 in Canada for 2013!  Prcd - pra Clear, pattern A Taylor & Vicky BOB, BOS April 13th 2013

Above, "Terrimo's Story Brooke" 12" Toy American Eskimo Toy American Eskimo Female, PRCD-PRA Clear, Pattern A - BOB & Group 4 Burns Lake 2013


 "PaulasPolar HRTBRKR At Terrimo"

 12" Toy American Eskimo,  Prcd-pra  Clear, Pattern A - #4 Toy American Eskimo in Canada for 2012   Above; Brodie - BOB April 12th, 2013 with me and handled by Shayla to his BOB


Today, the American Eskimo Dog stands proud of its German heritage. It is a strong, powerful dog for its size. It is a trotting breed, giving one the impression that it is able trot for extended periods without tiring. It is robust dog with a sound constitution. It is noted for its longevity, living well into its teens. It is a happy, outgoing dog that bonds closely with humans. It is quick and agile, with an excellent herding instinct. It is ready to serve in Agility, Obedience, Herding, Tracking, Search & Rescue, Service Dog, Therapy, or as a devoted companion. All of what the Eskie can do today is directly influenced by its natural instincts as a working farm dog. We must never loose that which makes the American Eskimo Dog what it is. We must never go so far away from what the breed is that if an excellent specimen comes before us, we do not recognize it, for we have lost the very essence of what makes the American Eskimo Dog, an American Eskimo Dog.  

Copied with permission from the author, Diana L. Allen



Koda Above, toy eskimo


Toys and small miniature eskimos out on a trail ride
















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